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Music is the heartbeat of our culture, but independent musicians are struggling. Most earn less than $6,000 annually from their music. Despite empty promises from streaming giants and politicians, little has changed in policy or funding for independent artists in 3 decades.


Live performance revenues are declining, and streaming services fail to pay artists fairly. Musicians face financial distress and mental health challenges. The system is broken, and multiple government inquiries have failed to bring about change. It’s time for real action.


We’ve invested over $50,000 of our own money to develop a fair music streaming service for local, unsigned artists. We’re not tech-bros with trust funds—we’re musicians with day jobs and debts, just like you.

But you can help us finish the build of this incredible platform for our music community. Join our six-month fundraising campaign from June 1 to December 30, 2024. Help us raise $50,000+ to complete and test our platform. Your support will shift the music streaming paradigm from exploitation to empowerment.

This isn’t just a fundraiser—it’s a movement. Let’s reclaim the power of our music. Become a patron of The Pack and foster a cultural revolution. Together, we can ensure local artists are celebrated and compensated fairly.

Join us today. Support The Pack Music Co-operative.

Get Involved

Building a Fair Music Future


Over the next months we're running a major community capital-raising campaign which aims to raise at least $50,000+ to develop a fair music streaming service. We've scheduled exciting activities to actively involve and unite our community in support of this groundbreaking initiative. You can donate directly through our Australian Cultural Fund Campaign Page.


Campaign Events:

  • Hack the Music Industry: Innovate solutions for the independent music scene on September 14, 2024.

  • Patron's Local Music Karaoke Night: Sing your favourite local tunes and support The Pack on September 14, 2024.

  • Local Music Scavenger Hunt: Discover hidden music gems in our community on October 26, 2024.

  • Silent Disco Ball: Dance the night away while supporting local artists on November 30, 2024.


How You Can Help:

  • Donate: Every contribution brings us closer to our goal.

  • Advocate: Sign and share our petition.

  • Participate: Join in our events and spread the word.

  • Partner: Partner with us and showcase your support for local music.


Join Us in Making a Difference!

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