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The Pack streaming service connects local musicians with local listeners in local businesses. 

The Pack Music Co-operative's Living Lab Project will test a new music streaming service designed to help unsigned artists reclaim the value of their content via direct ‘creator-consumer' transactions whereby listeners, governments and businesses subscribe as members and patrons within a platform co-operative model, underpinned by blockchain technologies.


It will hyper-localise and connect the streaming community, developing co-operative, trust-based local economies and focusing on the creator-consumer experience – not on exploitative 'creator as commodity' transactions.

By participating in this project, you will be helping to test and co-design the perfect streaming system to support musicians, businesses and listeners to build a sustainable and supportive streaming service, that benefits the whole music, arts and business community.


I'm a Musician

I want to pledge my music to The Pack Music Co-op Living Lab Project.

Pack Business.jpg

I'm a Business

I want to play local music in my business premises.


I'm a Local Music Lover

I want to listen to local music in my local places and spaces.


While the Living Labs project is focussed in 3 specific local governments, if you're a Council who wants to actively support your local music industry, this is your opportunity to become a patron in the co-creation of an industry changing initiative that will create local music communities, while also supporting local businesses and local economies. To learn more about how to get involved, download a copy of our Local Government Patron Package

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