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The Pack Music Co-operative's Living Lab research project, seeks to address the financial and mental health impacts of globalised music streaming on the unsigned music sector, by applying a new business model to music streaming and testing it within a contained research environment (the living lab).


The project will see Western Australian, original, unsigned (only) music played in Fremantle, Vincent and Subiaco venues and businesses, promoting local artists in local spaces, and to local listeners, with the support of local government - connecting local music communities.

To create our 'Living Lab' research environment we will work with 60+ businesses, 300+ musicians (content creators) and 300+ community listeners across 3 local governments, to test the flow of data (financial and social) across a complex and interdependent music ecosystem, to make sure that the co-operative model we co-create is one that will benefit everyone!

Businesses will receive space-sensitive, curated playlists through our existing streaming prototype consisting entirely of Western Australian, original, independent music, which they will test in their premises over a period of 9-12 months, with assessments at three month intervals.

Community listeners will also be recruited to participate in the project, interacting with the music both 'in-store' and independently, making playlist recommendations and supporting local musicians.

Australian music Streaming
Australian music streaming

The model will simulate a direct per play payment model to individual artists (a consumer-creator transaction - NOT a pro-rata / pooled transaction), based around a simple subscription model, underpinned by a platform co-operative business model.

Researchers will collect and analyse the data, assessing the model and making recommendations at each milestone gateway on improvements to the model for whole of system benefit, engaging with all stakeholders (musicians, businesses, listeners and local governments) along the way.

We're inviting you to get involved! We need at least 300 Western Australian musicians to 'donate' their incredible original content for a brief period of time for us to test the best way to get musicians paid fairly and equitably for their work. To do this we need to test and learn, and refine the system with the help of our 'Living Lab' participants - our musicians, businesses and local listeners before we launch the platform in earnest.


We won't be connecting this project to 'real' money payments at this time - but we will model what you would have received, giving you real data around whether localisation through The Pack can support you, as an artist, to increase your revenues from recorded music.

Our Living Lab will run for around 12 months in total from mid 2022 (funding pending), where your music will be profiled in local businesses, for local listeners to hear and engage with.

Australian music streaming
Australian Music Streaming

If this sounds like a great way to get involved in a groundbreaking project for the music industry - we'd love to have you on board! You can pledge your music to this project in the form below.

The only T&Cs to note at this time are these:

  1. You MUST be a Western Australian musician or band to participate.

  2. You must pledge at least one track of original music (any genre) to participate.

  3. You must acknowledge that, during the Living Lab trial, no exchange of physical currency will occur.

  4. You must be a Pack Creator Member (either individual or band) or Pack Patron Member (either individual or band) to participate. You can sign-up here.

If you're happy to participate on those terms - sign up below! And welcome to the Lab!

Pledge your Music Form
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